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Below are different categories for internet marketing, these are informative basics to get you started in each strategy or foundational know-hows.


Get an idea of what is needed to get your new Internet business off-the-ground.
Marketing Plan
Put together the necessary road map for your marketing adventure.
Site Tracking & Market Research
Find out who's visiting your site, where they came from and how long they are staying.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is working to increase your rankings in the research results for your industry.
Social Network
Unless a person has been under a rock for the past few years, they are obviously aware of the popularity of social media and their related websites.
Video Marketing
With video marketing you are essentially engaging two of the most important senses in people; visual and auditory.
Classifieds - Craigslist
Learn how to market in the online classifieds.
Banner Advertising
Your visual marketing on other Internet web sites. Learn the ins and outs of Internet Banner Ads.
Press Releases
Need to know how to write and where to send news about your company and web site?
Guest Books
Market your web site at no monetary cost. This is an Internet marketing gem.
Let you advertisement standout in highly targeted mailing lists, e-zines, and on other web sites.
Email Marketing
Do it right and it'll bring you gold, do it wrong and it'll bring you heartache, migraines and even lawsuits.
Offline Marketing
Getting people to want to click before they turn their computer on.
Web Site Extras
Keep 'em coming back and while your visitors are there, learn something about them.
Affiliate Programs
Getting others to sell your products and/or earning cash from generating sales/click-throughs for other sites.
Applying for them and giving them out, either way you're a winner.
Web Rings
Spread your site's name and link everywhere and attract traffic who are following the ring.
Old fashion bartering can help cut costs.
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