Banner Advertising

Banners are Print Ads/commercials on the internet. Like television commercials, banners have a few seconds to get their message across to the viewers.

  • Create at least five banners to start (or have an Odesk Virtual Assistant do these for you). Having an inventory will save some time in the future. Include some common sizes from 100 x 100 pixels, 120 x 60 pixels, 468 x 60 pixels and 498 x 90 pixels with a variety of animated and static.
  • Keep the animated file size below 10k and static under 7k.
  • Adding "Call to Action" words; such as "Click Here" or "Click here to support our pages" have been studied to increase the CTR [click through rate].
  • Having animation and questions can also increase the CTR.
  • Place banners on sites where your target audience will be most likely visiting.
  • When deciding which site to purchase banner ad space, forget asking about how many 'hits' a site. Ask, instead, how many unique visitors or visits a site receives monthly to have a better idea of the the site's traffic.
  • Check to see what the Google Page Rank is of the site you're considering to purchase banner ad space on. Click here for a great PageRank checker tool.
  • Sign up for a banner exchange. Banner exchanges are usually free programs that place your banner on other sites and place banners for other sites on yours. There are many exchange programs, research the different programs to find the one that is best for you. Here's a Search Link to help get you started.
  • Try to puchase a 200 x 200 banner on the upper right side of the site's page by the scroll bar, if you have placement options. Click-through rates have been proven to increase in this location.
  • Change banners at least once every two months to keep a fresh look otherwise visitors will stop seeing them.


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